A Conscious Community

to Grow Food and Grow Up

Fairgrow’s mission is to facilitate the reconnection to nature, to others and to oneself. By means of educational events and content, Fairgrow shares the knowledge and experience of farmers, gardeners, creators, who move towards a more resilient and connected future. We can help each other learn natural ways to live life, in accordance to nature, and with the support of a community.
Through the evolution of our consciousness and the work we do on our land, we can grow in the direction of a truly abundant, local and sacred economy. Humanity and Nature are the two pillars of Fairgrow, as we started to sow the seeds of hope, here, in Estonia.

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• Educative workshops about agroecology and resilient living.
• Organisation of farm visits, tours and community events.
• Contacts of local growers, producers, farmers who deliver in Estonian cities.
• Gardening tips, informational content, summaries of our blog articles.

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